Community Rules

Tribunal Rules

If the warnings from moderators are not respected and members proceed to act against the rules, and Three Strikes have been given, then there will be a tribunal system in place for moderators to bring forth evidence of the offenses, and the moderators will privately vote on the matter: Majority vote 50%+ will result in banning an account. Any moderator can initiate a Tribunal after Three Strikes.

Offenses will be recorded (by date, including link to the offender’s profile, and description of offense NOTE). Posts may be deleted by moderators.

Strikes are the major signs of abuse in the community. Record keeping will also be similar as offenses, but kept in a subsequent sheet.

NOTE: Descriptions can be a link to the offense (if not deleted), a copy of the offense (image), or citing the statute that the offense was (example: Statute Offense 1.a.i). If a serious offense was committed moderators MUST have a digital copy of the offense. The owner of the community will keep track of the records!

Rules for Members & Mods:

  1. Don’t Spam and Follow Google+ Rules (Non Serious)
    1. No Spam Policy:
      1. Do not share other Google+ communities, unless given permission to do so!
        1. Offense is subject to deletion of post, if Offense repeated that will count as one Strike (subject to opinion by Mods).
      2. Do not post repeat posts!
        1. if your post has already been posted it will be subjected to deletion (reposting from your profile or other communities does not count). If, however, this is habitual, it will count as one strike (subject to opinion by mods).
        2. If your repost or repeat-comment is a result of a glitch, no strikes will be given.
      3. Do not post unrelated topics (ex: posting PokemonGo Tips, or Let’s play videos).
        1. The offense will be subjected to deletion, if repeated, you’ll be given one strike (subject to opinion by mods).
    2. Follow Google+ Rules : This will be moderated by Google+ community and subject to their opinions. Google+ has final say (of course).
  2. No Bullying
    1. No Bullying Policy (Serious Offense):
      1. Bullying includes harsh harassment, offending others, hateful words against someone’s religion, ideology, color of their skin, or their creed, etc.
        1. One strike will be given per Post (not per comment)

NOTE: Moderators may ignore offenses if they choose, or if they consider it unworthy of reporting on. Members are free to notify any moderator of an offense.

Category Limitations

Announcements | this is strictly for moderators of the community, posting here will result in *only* deletions of your posts. All members are free to comment.


If what you're posting is about a particular continent then be sure to share them in the appropriate location. You are free to share news articles, statistics, and current events. Please, use a #Hashtag with the appropriate country (ex: #USA if the topic is about the US), Hashtags not required.
Continents include:
  • American (North, Central, South, and Caribbean)
  • European
  • African
  • Asian
  • Australian (Includes New Zealand and surrounding regions)

Global Discussion | the global category is for general discussion on any range of political issues, including controversial!
Polls | ALL POLLS go in this category (if applicable please use a #hashtag symbol for a particular country, EX: #USA, OR use #Global for the general community).
Memes & Quotes | Any Political/Existential meme or quotes are welcomed here.