Sunday, July 31, 2016

Site Up And Running

Hello World,
Welcome to the World Politics Community!

Over time I'll be making changes to the blog, I just wanted to start this specific blogspot site up as soon as possible so we all can have a place to call our own. You'll be finding community based updates, and major political events on this blog, and we may plan on expanding. For now we're just a small community with a passion for politics and debates.

Our community is based around information and discussion where people from different political backgrounds can come share their opinions and their theories without trolls and bullies harassing them for their points or stances on political issues, or general current events. We allow news and articles from all over the world, and are willing to debate about touchy subjects in a respectable environment. This isn't an echo-chamber for people with specific views, on the contrary, this community is moderated by people who have directly conflicting political backgrounds. This community is an experiment which came out of a need for active moderators in many Google+ political community groups, which often times those communities delved into ad hominems, or harassment of their members just because of differing opinions. We hope to make peace with opposing ideologies, in the hopes that we can promote positive change, not just in the community, but in the world by brainstorming many possible outcomes, or solutions to everyday problems!

If you'd like to join us, then come join us on Google+ and share your stories from around the globe.